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The issue of "work-life balance" has increasingly put pressure among manufactures to promote a healthy balance between work and personal time. Sun Sun is dedicated to developing new practices to promote a healthy work-life balance for our employees.

Our focus is on the following goals:

  • Higher level of employee satisfaction and reduce turnover

  • Improvement in employee health and well-being

  • Increase staff engagement and morale

On-Campus Living (Guangzhou, China)

Majority of our employees have their homes located in remote regions in Guangzhou, making the commute to work every day impossible. Therefore, we built 2 residencies on campus in order to provide accommodation for our employees. Hot water faucets are installed around campus for employees to use during showers. In addition, meals and entertainment are provided for those that chose to live with us. Our 20 in home chefs cater to over 2,800 employees by providing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We host multiple events on campus throughout the year to reinforce our company culture. We listen to our employees and do our best to provide them with a comfortable home away from home.

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