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Quality Assurance

Sometimes, it's just easier to ignore a minute error and continue with production. Sun Sun has zero tolerance for error. We ensure all of our products meet quality assurance standards every stage in production.


Prior to production, all incoming materials are subjected to chemical and physical tests ensuring it meets our standard. Metals are carefully examined using protective measures during inspection. All of our materials are then, securely stored and categorized into our warehouses. We have climate controlled environments in order to prevent mold and the oxidization of materials. These are all steps for us to guarantee only the highest of quality in materials are used in production.

Sun Sun knows that by reducing the rate of error, it leads to decreasing lead times. We invest heavily on advanced machinery to aid production, create precision cutting, and increase efficiency. Even with advanced equipment, Sun Sun will conduct hands on quality control checks during the production process to ensure no errors in the final product.


Sun Sun takes careful steps to ensure the longevity of materials. Quality has been our top priority and we will never settle for less. We will never deliver products that do not meet our clients’ standard.  

Final Quality Control Check

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